House Extensions in Chelsea, Fulham & West End

One of the great things about the modern building system is that you can quite easily modify and change your house, providing you own it, to whatever style or shape you require. Planning permission is much easier to get and you can find quality builders all across the West End looking to provide you with the help you need, like us here at Maximus Ltd.
Building extensions offer a great way for a family to improve the size of their home for many reasons. Whether that is a new member of the family being born, or just the need for a bit of extra room for activities or work, the choices are completely open to you.


The best way to start any home extension project, however, is to work with an architect. Rather than trying to explain your thoughts and dreams to a team of builders, it?s easier to have an architect break down the image into a workable blueprint.  We work with some of the best freelance and corporate architects in London, so if you are in need of assistance finding one then please contact us.
We can then look at the sketches provide and come up with a rough time and cost estimate for the job. While an architect can recommend some great builders for you usually, as they work with many teams, you need to watch out for other building companies. If you decide to take the drawings to other firms to see what the potential cost could be, look out for rogue tradesman or cowboy builders who will charge you much less but leave you with a nightmare.


Once you have an approved drawing and are happy to go-ahead with the process, you need to get planning permission from the council. These regulations, under the Building Act of 1984, are a statute and must be followed no matter what. If you get the acceptance that you need for your improvement plans, you can be issued a permit to start. Then, you can get the builders in and get things moving in the right direction.
Choosing the right builders for the job is vital ? picking the wrong team can be extremely expensive to get rid of the damage done by poor building work. If you want to avoid any potential fallout from things like this, then carefully pick the builders whom you choose to work with. If you are looking for fully licensed builders in the West End with over a decade of experience and happy customers, contact us here at Maximus Ltd. in London HERE for a full consultation. We look forward to helping you improve your home in the future!