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Why Should I Choose Maximus Ltd?

Put simply, we have the knowledge and the passion for the job to get it done right, first time. While London has many brilliant West End building services, we believe we are up there with the best. We have over thirteen years of experience in dealing with varying tasks, from the most extensive refurbishment projects to the smallest conversions, extensions in the basement. We work to ensure every project is the finished article before walking away ? it is our commitment to the job and our clients that make us stand out.

offer a transparent and friendly services

While virtually every company will make the same claims that we do, we genuinely believe in ourselves. With so many positive experiences and happy customers over the years, it?s hard for us to doubt or ability or credentials as a successful and well-run firm. We always carry ourselves with astute professionalism and offer a transparent and friendly service to all clients. Whatever your building or construction needs within the London area, we will be able to help.
At Maximus Ltd, we worked from the very first day of inception as a business to offer quality and friendship to all of our clients. We don?t see the need to offer anything other than the most friendly and thoroughly professional solutions to all clients, no matter how trying or difficult the task is. We offer a modern solution at modern prices so you can get the right type of impact for the fairest cost.

Fully Licensed

We offer the guarantee of completing work. In the event of any accidents or issues, we are fully insured and offer complete compensation for any mistakes made. However, we hire only the most competent and dedicated of builders so you can be sure that your project will only have one outcome ? 100% success. We don?t finish up the job until our clients are happy and are left with something akin to the vision they had at the start of the project.

Quality & Value

If you are looking for an effective and fair pricing system for a home refurbishment or a conversion, then look no further. We offer spades of value and quality, so finding that extra bit of space or turning your dingy basement into something far more respectful and useful has never been easier. If you are looking to get the best possible finish at the fairest prices, then contact us HERE today for a full consultation on the services and assistance that we can offer you.

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